Honey Pie : Summary

The story begins with Junpei telling a short story to a little girl named Sala. Sala is the daughter of Sayoko and Takatsuki–Junpei’s best friends from college. In college, Junpei was in love with Sayoko (and continues to be over ten years later), but due to his hesitance, Takatsuki confesses first. Takatsuki and Sayoko get married and have a child in their early thirties. Junpei in the meantime lives a life of bachelorhood, not ever fully committing to his relationships. Throughout the short story we see that Junpei is marked with a sense of loneliness–he is estranged from his parents and is only truly close with Sayoko and Takatsuki. Takatsuki–unhappied with married life (though still in love with Sayoko) cheats on Sayoko and eventually divorce her. Junpei deliberates some more on whether or not to be with Sayoko, but hesitates once again because he feels his life decisions are always influenced and orchestrated by someone else. He continues working on his short stories and stays close to Sayoko and Sala. The Kobe Earthquake served as a catalyst for him and through how he deals with the earthquake and through the short story he tells to Sala to help her sleep at night after waking up from nightmares about the earthquake, Junpei realizes he needs to take action and tell Sayoko what he couldn’t fifteen years ago and take responsibility for the relationships in his life.

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