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Reflections on research so far

Research so far on my short story has been a bit frustrating. This might be an issue on my part regarding finding accurate search terms to use that would result in more useful articles. I’m a bit confused on what I should be focusing on and how the rest of the elements of my short story tie into the central idea. The central idea, from what I understand so far, is Junpei and his relationship with Sayoko and actually making it something concrete all these years later after Sayoko has divorced her first husband and both her’s and Junpei’s mutual friend. I don’t understand how the content of the short story he tells Sayoko’s daughter about fits into the story and why it is so important that the concept becomes the title of the short story. What does Honey Pie and the story of the bears and Sala’s fear of earthquakes have to do with Junpei’s relationship with Sayoko?

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